Aruba NetEdit

Neues Management Tool für Aruba Switches.

NetEdit Test-Installation

„The NetEdit product is a browser-based client/server application. The NetEdit server is provided as an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA). The NetEdit application uses a web browser-based user interface and provides automation of search, edit, validation, deployment, and audit for network configurations. It provides intelligent assistance and continuous validation to help ensure that device configurations are consistent, compliant, and error free. NetEdit can be used without retraining by leveraging existing netoworking knowledge and experience with switch configurations. This enables administrators to automate switch configuration change workflows without any programming.“

NetEdit Datasheet –

DHCP-Relay auf Aruba Switches konfigurieren


Der DHCP-Relay Agent ist per Default eingeschaltet und muss nur aktiviert werden falls in der Running-Config „no dhcp-relay“ sichtbar ist.

HP Switch(config)# dhcp-relay

Relay-Funktion am gewünschten VLAN konfigurieren und als IP-Adresse den DHCP-Server angeben. Zur Eingabe eines sekundären DHCP-Servers einfach den Befehl wiederholen.

HP Switch(config)# vlan 1
HP Switch(vlan-1)# ip helper-address


HP Switch# show ip helper-address vlan 1
HP Switch# display dhcp relay statistics


Wireshark Capture Filter für DHCP Frames

udp port 68 or port 67