Aruba CX Initial Setup

Initial setup steps of an Aruba CX 6100 switch. The Aruba CX switches come with a very well chosen default setup, there’s not much to do, to be up and running!

  • Factory-Default IP Configuration is set to DHCP
  • SSH or HTTPS to the device IP (from the DHCP-Lease )
    • Console access via the USB-C port also possible
      • Baud rate: 115200 bps
  • Login using the default credentials
    1. admin / no password
    2. Create new password
  • Firmware update
    2. Upload via WebUI => System => Firmware Update
    3. Update takes approx. 5min
  • Loop Protection
    1. Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP) is enabled by default
  • NTP
    1. enabled by default
  • SNMP
    • # conf t
    • snmp-server community MySNMPcommunity
  • VLAN setup example
# conf t

vlan 2
name DATA

interface 1/1/7-1/1/12
vlan access 2

  • Save configuration
    • IMPORTANT: If you do not save the config, all configuration will be lost after a power cycle of the switch
  • Web-UI
    • „Save Config“ in the menu top-right
  • CLI
    • # write memory

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